About Us

About Us

Nexolink is the next generation in Foreign Exchange Business software and solutions!

From its inception, Nexolink began developing software applications specifically targeted at the foreign exchange industry (Originally created in 1996 as MJS Software Innovations, later rebranded as Nexolink in the spring of 1999). Within our first year of operation we became an international competitor in the FX industry when one of the world’s largest credit card companies implemented our application as a global solution for its foreign exchange division in the United Kingdom. Within a two-month implementation period they were using the system as part of their day-to-day operations.

Nexolink has maintained its original tradition of integrity and expertise in the foreign exchange industry and has expanded its services to servicing a wider range of small and middle market foreign exchange businesses with a wider range of IT services. The expansion included Custom Software Development, Custom Internet and Website Development, Network Infrastructure and Support Services, Data Warehousing and general IT Project Management and Consulting Services.

Our focus is to give the medium and small FX business the equivalent of their own IT department. Everything from graphic designers to programmers and network specialists are on staff to ensure we can handle all the technical, development and “creative” needs of our client’s as well. All at a more affordable price than other larger development and consulting companies.

Most recently Nexolink has just finished releasing its newest software platform E2EFX “End to End Foreign Exchange” with great initial success in the small and medium sized FX Brokerage market. Canadian and international FX companies have been very pleased with the quality of our services and applications. With each new client come new and challenging projects ranging in nature from full scale IT Strategy Developments and Network Implementations to Custom Website Design and maintenance.

We Value Our Clients

Our current customer base covers quite a wide variety of industries in both local and international foreign exchange (FX) market places. This broad range of FX industry experience has given us an edge in understanding different markets and most importantly the intrinsic need to differentiate your company from the competition.

Our greatest successes have occurred through the maintenance of excellent working relationships with our clients. Nexolink professionals work diligently to create that treasured relationship by truly listening to, and in turn, understanding and gaining a firm grip on the client’s business goals and are able to quickly apply that in relation to their FX needs. This has often translated into several long-term partnerships with many of our clients in both the development and consulting roles.

Foreign Exchange Customers

Citibank Foreign Exchange, NY, USA
Travelex Worldwide Money, UK
First Rate FX, UK
360 Markets, Sydney, AUS
UAE Exchange Canada
Currencies Direct, UK
GFX Partners Toronto, CAN
Forbes Currency Management Toronto, CAN
The FCS Division of a major Credit Card company
The FCS Division of a major Canadian Bank

Credit & Lending

VFC Credit & Lending, Toronto, CAN

Insurance Service Customers

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group Canada
AVEC Insurance Managers, CAN
Cornell Insurance Adjusters, CAN
Mutual Concept Computer Group (MCCG), CAN

Executive Recruitment

Peoplefind, Toronto, CAN
Future Exec, Toronto, CAN

Property Management

O&Y Enterprises Property Management, CAN

Fleet Management

A Canadian Federal Law Enforcement Agency