Foreign Exchange Solutions

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Nexolink is very pleased to announce the deployment of its FX payment software platform e2eFX “End2End Foreign Exchange”


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e2eFX FX Payment Management Platform

E2eFX is a scalable & affordable foreign payments management software platform that streamlines online ordering and trade floor deals with your back office operations in real time to deliver superior processing and financial reporting efficiencies and a 360 degree view of your operations, all designed for the modern FX Specialist.

We identified a large gap in the Foreign Exchange Industry with the tools available to small and medium sized FX brokers. Large scale financial developers offered treasury systems with “FX components” that were not designed for the day to day tasks of FX Payments brokers. Their tool sets and price tags were geared towards financial institutions that do many different types of transactions and are not dedicated to FX payments.

e2eFX is our answer to that void. It gives FX specialists access to enterprise level management functionality and payment processing efficiencies at a price they can afford. e2eFX is dedicated to FX payments and built by a company with more than 30 years of combined experience in the FX business space. We know what traders and back office staff do everyday and we designed the tools they need to get that job done more efficiently.

Customized For The FX Payment Business

Why did we build e2eFX? Because treasury system components didn’t have what FX brokers needed to be more efficient. Its not enough just to have access to rates and collect trade and customer data. FX brokers need tools to streamline their sales and customer on-boarding initiatives with document collection and compliance adherence. They need derivatives reporting, Global Watch List verifications and payment processing streamlined to service delivery. They need an online customer portal for trading and payments over the Internet and they need risk management, profit and exposure monitoring and reportable audit trails for financial regulators… e2eFX gives them all this in a single package.

Willy Oshiro, President, Nexolink Inc.

e2eFX Feature Overview

NEW!   OSC Derivatives Reporting (required in Canada). Easily produce OSC reports on your Forward Contracts to stay compliant under the new regulations as of Nov. 2014.

Streamlined sales and trading process with call lists, spot deals, SWAPS, forward contracts, drawdowns and regular payments, with full access to customer information.

Robust compliance features with full audit trails, automatic global watch list updates and verifications of current and past deals, customizable risk scores, suspicious transaction reporting and more…

Attach required compliance and identification documents as well as all compliance comments and tasks to customer & beneficiary profiles

Available: Automated “one click” cover deal booking with your liquidity provider to ensure you keep running a flat position and cover back-to-back with every trade.

Easily manage disbursing funds to multiple beneficiaries with spots, forwards and draw-downs

Full customer and deal history search capabilities. Search deal changes, incoming and outgoing payments, beneficiaries and customers.

RateWatch and OrderBoard modules monitor rates and notify dealers and customers to book deals when rates are matched

Realtime profit and loss (P&L) monitoring and position monitoring. Have a true realtime picture of your business, your exposure and performance.

Automated EOD process to verify deals and completeness, calculate margin calls and notify traders and customers of any issues that require attention.

Available: Straight Through Processing (STP) via customer credit limits. Process more deals online with fewer resources and only handle the exceptions.

Online trading with full pricing and compliance controls. Extend your business online by offering a “White Label” platform to your affiliate network.

Who’s using e2eFX? Global FX Payment Brokers & Financial Institutions like…

UAE Exchange Canada
GFX Partners Toronto
First Rate FX


UAE Exchange Canada

The e2eFX suite of products is a perfect fit to our business model. Offering an integrated enterprise trading, back office, compliance and management features that allows us to deliver a competitive global FX payment services to all of our customers.
Rajesh P. Veetil – Head of Operations
UAE Exchange Canada

GFX Partners, Toronto, Canada

This new suite of products gives us greater flexibility in our day to day operations, has allowed us to integrate our back office operations with front office transactions and will enable our business to grow in a cost effective manner.
Michael J. Smith – President
GFX Partners, Toronto, CAN.

360 Markets, Sydney, Australia

The e2eFX platform has allowed us to streamline our FX Payments trading desk with back office operations and delivery, has strengthened our compliance regime and audit trails, increased our reporting capabilities and gives us a reliable online customer portal that is all tied into all our back office pricing and compliance controls. We are able to process more deals with greater efficiency than ever before and are very pleased with Nexolink’s responsive support and fast development turn around.
Jason Hugo – Managing Director
360 Markets, Sydney, Australia

First Rate FX, London, United Kingdom

e2eFX had more streamlined business features we needed in a more affordable package than other much larger FX software providers. Nexolink was also able to customize some features to our specific requirements where others couldn’t or wouldn’t.
Bryan Baldrey – Managing Director
First Rate FX, London, United Kingdom